In April 2014, the NYS Public Service Commission (PSC), under the directive of Governor Cuomo, launched the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) initiative to shift New York from a system of large-scale power generation and long-distance transmission to a cleaner, more decentralized “distributed” energy system that relies on energy resources close to where they are used—in our homes, businesses, and communities. These distributed energy resources include renewable energy, energy efficiency, and demand management, and allow for the possibility of greater individual and community control over energy decision-making than under the old energy system. The REV initiative is overhauling utility regulation and the utility business model under the aegis of the PSC, and the process has spawned numerous PSC proceedings to address different aspects of these reforms. There are now well over 250 parties to the REV. A REV Primer, prepared by CLP in October 2015, provides the basics on this initiative.

CLP will post its submissions to the PSC on the REV and share news as this complex reform process unfolds.  CLP actively participates as a party to REV as well as through its membership in the statewide Energy Democracy Alliance (EDA) and the Clean Energy Organizations Collaborative (CEOC).

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