Barriers to a CCA 2.0 model in New York

The PSC’s Order enabling CCA in New York, adopted in 2016, falls short in equipping communities with the tools to implement the 2.0 model. CLP has assessed the possibilities of working within the limits of the state’s regulatory framework and has concluded that changes are needed in the regulatory structure for CCA to deliver meaningful long-term benefits to our communities.

Lincoln Park Grid Support Center

In late 2017 a proposal was made by Chicago-based company GildePath to build a gas-fired power plant in the town of Ulster. The Lincoln Park Grid Support System project would build a 20-megawatt hybrid natural gas (diesel back-up) and battery generation system/power plant on land parcels between NYS Route 32 and US Route 9W. 

Local grassroots opposition is quickly building and a number of community organizations are working together to educate the public on the project. CLP is investigating the prospect of converting the Lincoln Park project to storage only, thus eliminating the development of new natural gas infrastructure.

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