Summer 2018 Newsletter

Finally, summer! The last months have been a tough slog, but we have good news to report on several fronts: a victory in the Central Hudson rate case, movement on Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), and a breakthrough in storage regulation. New threats include a planned “grid support project” that isn’t all it is cracked up to be, and needs to be opposed – indeed is being opposed by a strong coalition of Town of Ulster residents and environmental/energy activists.
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  • Central Hudson Rate Case Victory Lowers Fixed Rates
  • Lincoln Park Grid Support Center Project
  • Ulster Green Business Challenge Lifts Off on June 27
  • Storage breakthrough on Federal and State Rules (could be a game-changer)
  • CCA (Working Group report, next steps to influence policy changes)

January 2016 Newsletter

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  • CCA project update
  • Community solar enabled in New York
  • Pilgrim Pipelines webinar and call to action
  • LED streetlighting project funded!
  • Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson wins investigation into Central Hudson
  • Renewable Highlands to form CCA
  • Transmission projects in Dutchess County to proceed