Saugerties Times: PSC, Central Hudson agree on rate hike plan

CLP pushes for a reduction in the service charge in the Central Hudson Rate Case. 

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Jen Metzger, a Rosendale town council member and candidate for state Senate, is a leader of Citizens for Local Power, an advocacy group that sat in on the talks between Central Hudson and the PSC. Metzger said the group pushed for the reduction in the service fee because of its unfairness to consumers who use less power and because the higher fee provided less incentive for users to invest in energy efficiency. Metzger said that the fee reduction (which, like the higher rates will be phased in over three years) brings the cost below that paid by utility consumers in Orange and Rockland counties.
“We did not sign on to the joint proposal, because there are still some areas where we have concerns,” said Metzger. “But there are elements of this rate plan that we are very pleased with.”