Battery Storage, Climate, and the Grid: The Proposed Lincoln Park Project in Context

On February 13th, CLP hosted a community forum on the proposed Lincoln Park Project, a power generation facility in the Town of Ulster that would combine a 20-megawatt gas-fired plant with 20 megawatts of battery storage. The panel of experts included Dr. William Acker, Executive Director of the New York Battery and Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST); Karl Rabago, Executive Director of Pace Energy & Climate Center and Co-Director of the Northeast Solar Energy Market Coalition; and Evelyn Wright, Energy Economist, founder of Sustainable Energy Economics, and member of CLP. The event was moderated by CLP Director, Jen Metzger.

The evening’s presentations helped the public put the proposed project in context, better understand its implications, and identify the kinds of questions that need to be asked in the review process. Beyond this proposed project, the forum sought to equip the public and decision-makers with the knowledge to assess and advocate for the kinds of projects that will best serve our communities’ energy needs and priorities.

This event was filmed by Clark Richters of The Kingston News, courtesy of, and can be viewed at the links below.

Battery Storage, Climate, and the Grid (Part 1)
Battery Storage, Climate, and the Grid (Part 2)

The panelists’ presentations are available to download as well.

Energy Storage and Grid Modernization: Ready for Lift-Off!? - Karl Rabago
Emissions Impacts of the Proposed Lincoln Park Project - Evelyn Wright