Saugerties Times: Joining forces to bring more solar energy to Saugerties

Community organizations join forces to host informational events on community solar and other energy localization projects. 

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Jen Metzger, co-director of Citizens for Local Power, updated me on Citizens for Local Power (CLP), the local advocate for CCA. CLP is hoping to be awarded a $1,300 grant to do in-depth analysis of pinpointed energy needs in the Hudson Valley in order to collect data needed to implement broader community energy infrastructure. Metzger’s fellow board member Betta Broad, also an initiating organizer of Solarize Hudson Valley, discussed CDG as another front where CLP is hoping to inspire and facilitate action. It could be available to commercial and residential consumers who can muster up sufficient organization, as it requires a minimum number of meters to attract a solar farm builder. Citizens for Local Power will be holding a series of monthly breakfast meeting beginning next month. Information is available on their website.