Almanac Weekly: Kingston City Hall jammed for forum opposing Pilgrim Pipeline hosts a forum on the proposed Pilgrim Pipelines. Panelists include CLP director, Jen Metzger. 

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Panelist Jen Metzger, director of Rosendale-based advocacy group Citizens for Local Power, gave an update on the pipeline status. Back in August 2015, the company filed for a use and occupancy permit with the state Thruway Authority. After the authority had notified the affected municipalities that it wanted to serve as the lead agency for the environmental review of the project under state law, some of the towns protested. As a result, the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), which the towns had argued was the appropriate agency for conducting the review, will share “lead agency” status with the Thruway Authority. The “lead agency,” as per state law, has the power to deny or approve a proposed project and is charged with evaluating a multitude of potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts the project might have.