Daily Freeman: State commission asked to turn down utilities’ plan to charge customers for data

CLP urges the PSC to turn down a request that would allow utilities to charge per customer for information sought by CCAs. 

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Citizens for Local Power spokeswoman Jennifer Metzger on Friday said the state order this week did give utilities some concessions on the amount of detail that needs to be provided about customers. However, the modifications of an April order did not cover costs for information when a Community Choice Aggregation program is being developed.
“Obviously the utilities are going to be involved in a CCA,” she said. “They have data that the CCAs need ... about energy demand.”
Citizens for Local Power, in papers filed with the commission, contends that the cost to the utilities is the same regardless of the number of records being sought.
“The CCA order requires companies to provide very basic data that is already in their systems and whether they produce a data set of 500 records or 5,000 records should make little difference in terms of cost,” the group wrote.