Daily Freeman: NY Commission to Rule on Fees Utilities Charge for Surveys Regarding New Street Lights

Mid-Hudson Streetlight Consortium and CLP submit a request to the PSC to eliminate the field survey fee charged when a municipality applies for street lights in new locations. 

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“The [Mid-Hudson Streetlight Consortium] applauds the commission’s ruling that companies cannot charge municipalities for a field audit, since it is the responsibility of the companies to keep accurate records of the facilities they own,” Jennifer Metzger, director of Citizens for Local Power and a member of the Rosendale Town Board, wrote in a letter to the Public Service Commission.
“We believe that the commission’s ruling ... should be consistently applied across existing tariffs and proposed amendments,” Metzger wrote.
“We do not believe there is a justifiable basis for requiring municipal customers to pay for a field survey prior to purchasing the streetlight system,” Metzger’s letter says.