PSC launches investigation following complaints against Central Hudson

Poughkeepsie-based community organization Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson, after months of investigating the utility’s practices, found evidence pointing to unlawful debt transfers, failure to negotiate payment agreements in good faith, failure to follow shutoff procedures, and racial discrimination in collection practices. The PSC has agreed to launch a formal investigation that, according to the letter from DPS to the company, “is expected to include, without limitation, a review of pertinent Central Hudson documentation,” including all records of communication, emails, recordings, and any and all communications between employees and members of the public (Letter from DPS General Counsel Kimberley A. Harriman to Central Hudson Associate General Counsel Paul Colbert, Dec. 29, 2015.)                    

You can see the documents filed in this case (Case # 15-M-0756) on the DPS website here.  If you or anyone you know has experienced problems with Central Hudson’s collection practices, or would like to make your voice heard on this case, you can submit a comment directly on the PSC website by clicking “post comments.”