Important steps to oppose the new capacity zone

CLP has drafted two model municipal resolutions on the new capacity zone (NCZ) and proposed AC transmission upgrades.

The NCZ resolution calls upon the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to postpone indefinitely its order issued August 13, 2013, which conflicts with State efforts currently underway to address the same problem of transmission constraints; and further calls on N.Y. Governor Cuomo, U.S. Senators Schumer and Gillibrand, and U.S. Representative Gibson to intervene on our behalf to halt the creation of the NCZ.

The resolution on transmission upgrades calls on the PSC to ensure that 1) proposed transmission upgrades shall not include construction of additional, taller towers or widen the right of way; 2) preference shall be given to lower-cost proposals; 3) upgrades shall include a plan for supporting affordable local distributed renewable generation that takes into account both transmission and distribution; 4) that proposals demonstrate how they will advance the New York State Renewable Portfolio Standard and Federal, State, and Regional plans to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.  The model resolutions have been sent to all municipalities in the Central Hudson service territory, and we are actively encouraging Governing Boards to adopt them.

CLP has also prepared a backgrounder on these issues, which can be found here.