2018 Annual Report

With environmental protections being rolled back at the federal level, now more than ever it’s clear that lasting change needs to come from the ground up. Combining research, education, advocacy, and project coordination, CLP supports community and municipal engagement in energy decision-making, transforming energy policy and practice to strengthen local economies, mitigate climate change and increase resilience. Given the increasing pace of global warming, 2018 was a busy year for us.

Solar for All: New Program offers Cheaper, Cleaner Solar Electricity for Low-income Customers who Join Community Solar

n July, the Public Service Commission (PSC) introduced a brand new program for low-income electricity customers. “Solar for All” lets eligible households subscribe to community solar. There are no upfront costs and participants receive monthly credits on their electricity bills.

Governor Cuomo, Stop “Darth VDER” from killing solar in New York!

On August 28, CLP joined the Energy Democracy Alliance and other groups holding press conferences in six cities (NYC, Long Island, Kingston, Syracuse, Elmira, and Buffalo) with an urgent call to Governor Cuomo: Fix New York’s solar policy by restoring net metering – the old policy under which the utility bought any solar energy you contributed to the grid at the price you would have paid if you were buying that same electricity from the utility.

GlidePath: Lincoln Park Grid Support Center Project

On August 10, CLP’s Evelyn Wright made a presentation to a packed pavilion at Robert Post Memorial Park in the Town of Ulster. Alongside Ulster County Executive Mike Hein and Scenic Hudson’s Hayley Carlock, she spoke to an audience of 150 about the dangers to the region posed by the proposed Glidepath Lincoln Park Grid Support Center gas power plant.