CLP has partnered with Abundant Efficiency, LightSmart Energy Consulting, and Courtney-Strong Inc. (the project lead) in the Mid-Hudson Street Light Consortium (MHSC)—a NYSERDA-funded project to create a more affordable pathway to LED street light conversion for municipalities in Central Hudson, Orange & Rockland, and NYSEG territories. Converting to LEDs can deliver energy savings to municipalities of at least 65%, and can result in substantially lower street lighting bills--especially if municipalities take ownership of their lights and eliminate rental costs.

To help communities move forward with their LED street light conversion, the MHSC provides:

  • Information and guidance on the costs and benefits of the different pathways to LED conversion--either by upgrading to utility-owned LEDs or by purchasing the street light system from the utility and upgrading to LEDs of your choice.
  • Guidance on undertaking municipal streetlight audits to assist with planning and to secure refunds from the utility for any past billing overcharges.
  • Procurement support, including model RFPs that address furnishing, installation and maintenance.
  • Support for an aggregated procurement to capture volume pricing discounts for interested municipalities.
  • Information and analysis to assist municipalities in negotiating the acquisition of the street light system from the utility.
  • Continuous knowledge sharing via webinars, workshops and a conference.

If your municipality has any questions or would like to join the Consortium, contact Pat Courtney-Strong online or call 845.331.2238.

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