In July 2015, New York took a big step toward empowering communities to collectively produce their own power when the PSC issued its Order enabling Community Distributed Generation (CDG). Also known as “shared” or “community” renewable energy, CDG allows electricity customers to buy into, or collectively invest in, a renewable project in their service territory, and reap the benefits. This means that even if you don’t have a suitable site for solar, or if you rent, you can participate in a community renewable project sited elsewhere, and the utility will credit your share of the power produced to your monthly utility bill at the retail rate.

Community solar customers benefit from net-metering in the same way that individual customers with their own solar do. The new policy potentially widens public access to the benefits of renewable ownership, including by low- and moderate-income customers, and could stimulate enormous local renewable investment. CLP and other organizations are working to ensure that this potential is realized, and that other REV initiatives support--and do not undermine--community renewable development.


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